tips for newcomers

follow, boost and fave all you like! we don't care about follow ratios and faves are private. go hog wild!

boosting your own posts is 100% ok. no shame. the TL is chronological, so there's no algorithm to fight.

please do use CWs. if in doubt, use one just to be safe.

hashtags are your friends and really the only effective way to search for posts. be sure to use them to maximize your reach.

don't be afraid to engage. dumping pictures is fine but stay and chat a bit too!

more tips!

home TL: posts by people you follow, and stuff they boost

local TL: only posts from users on your instance

federated TL: a wild frontier of all the posts from every instance yours communicates with. the dark souls of mastodon

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@extinct thanks for the tips!
Is there a way to search across multiple instances?
If i hit search in my home instance it only shows results from the instance and i haven't seen a convinient way to search other places yet :bread_pensive:

@bobston what are you searching for? Users? Hashtag? Search doesn't really work for words and phrases, like it does on twitter. Your results will be determined by what instances yours had federated with. If they're lacking, the admin of your instance probably needs to add a relay

Searching for hashtags.
I guess following people from other instances isn't enough to federate with their instance :m_kai_think:
Not sure what a relay is but i will relay that to my admin :meruyo:
Thanks for the help! :merufun:

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